Announcement of new language features 1C: Performer


This text is an announcement of latest performance.
It’s not beneficial to make use of the content material of this text to grasp the brand new performance.
A full description of the brand new performance can be supplied within the documentation for the corresponding model.
A whole listing of modifications within the new model is supplied within the v8Update.htm file.

By the tip of 2021, it’s deliberate to launch a brand new model of 1C: Executor with vital language modifications, together with:

Generic sorts

It will likely be doable to kind components of collections

In some circumstances the compiler itself deduces the kinds

Practical sorts

It will likely be doable to make use of capabilities of upper orders

Lambda expressions carried out for comfort

In some circumstances, the compiler itself deduces the varieties of parameters of lambda expressions

Named parameters

It will likely be doable to set parameters in any order by title

The flexibility to skip parameters in positional type can be eliminated

Syntactic sugar for working with Undefined

ยท Operator `? .` for safe level entry.
If the supply is Undefined – the results of your entire name chain is Undefined

The `default` operator returning the left worth, if it’s not Undefined, in any other case – proper

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