Limitations of loading configuration from XML files

Mechanism configuration support and mechanism configuration stores counsel that configuration modifications should be made in response to specific guidelines. Compliance with these guidelines ensures that the configuration will work appropriately sooner or later.

Mechanism dumping the configuration to the .cf file and loading it from a file considers the necessity to adjust to these guidelines. When you have unloaded the structure and changed it in one other Infobase, then you’ll not at all times have the ability to “similar to that” load it again to the unique database. In some conditions, the platform will ask you to unlock particular configuration objects, whether supported or hooked up to a repository.

If you find yourself coping with a config file .cf, you alter it utilizing 1C: Enterprise instruments. However, as you realize, there may be one other mechanism within the platform that you can modify the configuration without using the platform. That is the mechanism unloading configuration into XML files and downloads from them.

As this mechanism has developed, it can alter the configuration bypassing the foundations wanted to maintain the structure or retailer. Such modifications can disrupt the conventional operation of the network.

For instance, the configuration is supported and up to date mechanically. As soon as loaded from XML information, it would proceed to be supported. However, it will differ from the seller’s configuration. Then the very first computerized replacement will trigger the modifications made by XML modifying to be eliminated.

One other instance is when the configuration is hooked up to the repository. Objects not captured within the repository might be loaded and modified when loading the design from XML information. Once you replace the database configuration, these modifications will go into the database. Nonetheless, when one of these objects is captured into storage, the transformations loaded from the XML information are misplaced. As a result of on seize, the configurator will get the most recent model of the article from the repository. Thus, if some objects had been added when loading from XML information, they will be deleted when the mother or father object is captured.

To keep away from such conditions and produce the platform to a uniform order, we have now launched a lot of restrictions on loading configuration from XML information. These restrictions are established in three conditions.

Loading right into a configuration linked to the repository

  • Full obtain isn’t doable;
  • Partial loading is feasible when all objects that change after loading are captured within the repository.

Loading right into a supported configuration

  • Total loading is feasible provided that all objects of the ultimate configuration are editable;
  • Partial loading is feasible provided that all objects of the ultimate configuration that may change after loading are editable.

Loading a configuration that comprises help settings

If the XML add contains help settings (file ParentConfigurations.xml), then:

  • Full obtain isn’t doable;
  • Partial loading isn’t doable when the basis configuration object (file Configuration.xml).

A bit of clarification must be given concerning the latter state of affairs. Eradicating the configuration from help online within the configurator doesn’t remove help settings from the information. Due to this fact, such a configuration, dumped into XML information, will comprise a file with help settings, which means it would not be doable to load it from XML.

To obtain such a configuration, deleting the help settings file within the add listing is advisable. If the ad was carried out in linear format, that is the file Configuration.ParentConfigurations… And if, if the ad was carried out in a hierarchical format, then this can be a file Configuration.ParentConfigurations.bin.

Because of this, the configuration might be loaded as far away from help. However, at the same time, it’s best to perceive that every detail about the help settings might be misplaced. Sooner or later, you will be unable to make use of it.


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